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The Mill fulfills a wide range of farming needs from livestock to crops to equine needs, and more.

The Mill has 7 Agronomists on staff to be your personal Crops Expert.  Whether you are farming a few acres or thousands of acres, we can apply fertilizers, pesticides, and seed for you.  Our agronomists are here to make recommendations and even blend custom fertilizers so you will get the most out of your fields.

The Mill has everything you need to provide great care to your horses.  We carry the best feeds, supplements, bedding, stable supplies, and health supplies for your needs.  And if you don’t see what you need- we can probably special order it for you at no extra charge!

Farm Supplies
Farming is a tough, 365 days a year Job.  Let us help make it a little easier!  From fencing supplies and gates- to buckets and wheelbarrows- we have the supplies and equipment to help keep your farm running smoothly.

The Mill carries the top national & local brands of livestock feed and supplements, along with the best supplements, medications and feeding equipment.  We have experts on staff to help you with your animals whether you’re trying to raise champions or just enjoying a few backyard pets!

The Mill Champions
CONGRATULATIONS to our Local, Home Grown Champions! The owners of these animals all purchase their feeds at The Mill and make great use of our Livestock Experts. Great Work Champions!

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