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Classes with The Mill

2017 Paint Your Pet Class 
The Mill of Whiteford

Bringing Our Customers and Experts Together

The Mill hosts a variety of classes throughout the year.  Some include take-home items and others are more presentation-style. Levels can range from beginner to advanced and many are hands-on.

For more information on the current and future classes, email or ask your local Mill location.

Please note, there will be class fees for some of the classes.

2017 Class Topics

Jan – Turn Your Gourd into a Basket
Feb – Bee Keeping 101, Paint Your Pet
Mar- Chicks Night Out
Apr – Beginner Gardener

May – Planter, Gardening
June – Basic Canning, Pressure Canning, Water Bath Canning
July – TBA
Aug – Ma & Pa Guided Hike

Sep – Dine & Equine
Oct – TBA
Nov – TBA
Dec – Wreath Making

2017 Bee Keeping Class

2017 Bee Keeping Class

2017 Gourd Class

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