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Covering our bases by covering our fields.

Money, Nutrients, Erosion & More

At The Mill, we recognize the importance of planting cover crops. They help to stop soil erosion, preserve and increase the nutrients in soil, reduce compaction issues, optimize nitrogen and more! Below is a list of cover crops we carry. If you have additional questions, our agronomists are always happy to share information.


Tillage Radish

  • The Original and Only
  • increased air and water circulation in the soil
  • unique aggressive taproot
  • penetrates compaction layer
  • easier planting
  • corn yields increase average 12 bushels per acre
  • soybean yields increase average 8 bushels per acre


  • Certified Cover Crop Ryegrass
  • very deep soil-building roots
  • uniform stand maturity for easy burndown
  • high vegetation tillering
  • winter hardy

CCS Winter Peas

  • Cool Season Legume
  • exceptionally good winter hardiness
  • can be planted in fall as cover clover crop or in spring as forage
  • highly palatable to livestock as a winter forage
  • good biomass addition to soil

Tillage Sunn Hemp

  • Warm Season Legume
  • up to 2.5 tons biomass per acre
  • helps conserve soil moisture
  • significant N in 60 days
  • tolerant of dry conditions
  • suppresses nematodes

Dover Mix

  • Tillage Radish + CCS Oats
  • prevents erosion
  • suppresses weeds
  • boosts soil structure
  • adds biomass to soil

Indy Mix

  • Tillage Radish + Tillage Rootmax + CCS Crimson Clover
  • relieves compaction
  • scavenges nutrients
  • builds soil health
  • adds N back into the soil

CCS Crimson Clover

  • Cool Season Legume
  • dense growing
  • forms a mat to suppress weeds
  • conserves soil moisture
  • attracts beneficial insects

CCS Hairy Vetch

  • Cool Season Legume
  • adds N back into soil
  • lasts over the winter
  • great spring weed suppression

Impact Radish

  • Value Cover Crop Radish
  • value priced
  • alleviates compaction
  • great for broadcast and aerial application

Winter Forage Triticale

  • Cool Season Non-Legume
  • easy to grow
  • high silage value
  • suppresses weeds
  • excellent for grazing

Delay the Burn

Mill Agronomist Ben Hushon has teamed up with MDA, farmers, conservationists and Maryland Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator, Nevin Dawson. Dawson hosted a Delay the Burn workshop in April at Clear Meadow Farm to show attendees the cash crop benefits of keeping cover crops alive longer. This Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Demonstration Project is designed to share soil health & cover crop latest research, evaluate seed/soil contact, depth, spacing, provide, a new hands-on field evaluation tool and more.

TA Seeds provides additional information about cover crops in its Covercrop Solutions Research Guide.

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