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Why Cover Crops?

  • They save you money!
  • Cover crops help stop soil erosion, so you preserve your soil.
  • You increase the nutrients that your crops depend on.
  • They can help soil compaction issues.
  • Optimum nitrogen will be released naturally.
  • Cover Crops provided by Covercrop Solutions

Tillage Radish

  • The Original and Only
  • increased air and water circulation in the soil
  • unique aggressive taproot
  • penetrates compaction layer
  • easier planting
  • corn yields increase average 12 bushels per acre
  • soybean yields increase average 8 bushels per acre


  • Certified Cover Crop Ryegrass
  • very deep soil-building roots
  • uniform stand maturity for easy burndown
  • high vegetation tillering
  • winter hardy

CCS Winter Peas

  • Cool Season Legume
  • exceptionally good winter hardiness
  • can be planted in fall as cover clover crop or in spring as forage
  • highly palatable to livestock as a winter forage
  • good biomass addition to soil

Tillage Sunn Hemp

  • Warm Season Legume
  • up to 2.5 tons biomass per acre
  • helps conserve soil moisture
  • significant N in 60 days
  • tolerant of dry conditions
  • suppresses nematodes

CCS Hairy Vetch

  • Cool Season Legume
  • adds N back into soil
  • lasts over the winter
  • great spring weed suppression

CCS Crimson Clover

  • Cool Season Legume
  • dense growing
  • forms a mat to suppress weeds
  • conserves soil moisture
  • attracts beneficial insects

Winter Forage Triticale

  • Cool Season Non-Legume
  • easy to grow
  • high silage value
  • suppresses weeds
  • excellent for grazing

Impact Radish

  • Value Cover Crop Radish
  • value priced
  • alleviates compaction
  • great for broadcast and aerial application

TillageMax Mixes

Homestead Mix

  • Tillage Radish + Tillage Sunn + CCS Sorghum Sudangrass
  • thrives in dry conditions and poor soil while suppressing nematodes and soaking up N
  • true soil builder
  • restores soil health

Daytona Mix

  • Tillage Radish + CCS Crimson Clover
  • improves soil structure
  • seeks & absorbs nutrients
  • relieves compaction

Talladega Mix

  • Tillage Radish + CCS Winter Forage Triticale
  • soaks up leftover N
  • drills through tough compaction
  • improves water infiltration

Bristol Mix

  • Tillage Radish + Tillage RootMax
  • relives compaction
  • scavenges nutrients
  • builds soil structure
  • restores soil health

Charlotte Mix

  • Tillage Radish + CCS Winter Forage Triticale + CCS Crimson Clover
  • adds biomass to soil
  • can be grazed in the spring
  • restores health
  • unique nitrogen storage tank

Indy Mix

  • Tillage Radish + Tillage Rootmax + CCS Crimson Clover
  • relieves compaction
  • scavenges nutrients
  • builds soil health
  • adds N back into the soil

Dover Mix

  • Tillage Radish + CCS Oats
  • prevents erosion
  • suppresses weeds
  • boosts soil structure
  • adds biomass to soil
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