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Dry Fertilizer & Lime

Custom Blending
Need an exact formula for fertilizer? Let us make a blend that meets your needs.

Fertilizer Spreaders

If you prefer spreading your own dry fertilizer, we can help you with that too. Call us to rent one of our spreader carts. We also have engine driven spreader carts available.

Custom Application
Are you looking for the best spread job possible? Have The Mill apply dry fertilizer for you with our GPS-controlled fleet. We also offer variable rate application based on your needs.

3 high clearance spreaders for applications in standing crops

2 trucks with flotation tires

We have the equipment to deliver dry fertilizer to your farm.

Liquid Fertilizer

Custom Blending

Need an exact formula for liquid fertilizer? Let us make a blend that meets your needs. We are the only retailer in the area that can custom blend an “in row” low salt fertilizer to match your soil test. We can also custom mix a foliar application to fix a nutrient deficiency.

Custom Application

Have The Mill apply liquid fertilizer and crop protection products for you with our “state-of-the-art” GPS controlled fleet.

4 High-clearance sprayers with automatic boom height, chemical direct inject, automatic shutoff and auto-steer.

1 Truck with floatation tires with a John Deere Rate Controller and automatic shut-offs.

1 Pickup truck sprayer assigned specifically for pastures and grass hay fields to avoid contamination. We can apply fertilizer and weed control in a single pass.


We have trucks designed to deliver liquid fertilizer to your farm in any quantity.

Precision Ag

Zone sampling & GPS mapping through Precision Ag

The Mill is working with several programs including Gro-Link, Agri-Trend and R-7 with Winfield. We can help you get value out of your yield maps. Let us come set up a specific plan for your farm.

Specialty Services

Soil Sampling

Our crop experts can come to you for soil sampling or you can bring your samples to us. Here is the crops soil sample form to print, fill out and bring to one of The Mill locations.

Tissue sampling

Manure analysis

Aerial spraying & cover crop seeding

Nutrient Management Plans

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