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The Mill has the fertilizers you need for any field and crop.  We can custom blend dry and liquid fertilizers in our state-of-the-art facility too. Contact one of our agronomists today for help with your fertilizer needs.


  • Highly available nutrients; low salt
  • In furrow safety custom mixed to your soil test
  • Foliar N, P, K and micronutrients custom blended to your tissue samples
  • Biologicals

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  • Premier carbon on the market
  • Foliar plant food and micro nutrients

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UAN 30%

9-0-0 13s

Need an exact formula for fertilizer? Let us make a blend that meets your needs. Using the products below we can create exactly what your field calls for and by using SUSTAIN practices we can help guide you to the correct timing of application.

  • MAP- monoammonium phosphate- 11-52-0 bulk or 50# bags
  • DAP- diammonium phosphate- 18-46-0 bulk or 50# bags
  • Potash- 0-0-60 bulk or 50# bags
  • Ammonium Sulfate- 21-0-0-24s bulk or 50# bags
  • Urea- 46-0-0 bulk or 50# bags

Organic options available

  • Nature Safe 13-0-0 feather meal                   1 ton totes and 50# bags
  • Nature Safe 10-2-8                                           1 ton totes and 50# bags
  • Nature Safe 8-5-5                                             1 ton totes and 50# bags
  • Perdue Micro Start                                           bulk, 1 ton sacks and 50# bags

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Wolftrax- state of the art micronutrients

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Fertilizer stabilizers

  • Nutrisphere N available for UAN and Urea – do the right thing for your wallet and the environment. Never apply nitrogen without it!

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  • Avail Phosphorous Fertilizer Enhancer by Verdesian – why let the P you buy get tied up?

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Specialty Products

  • Monty’s Soil Conditioners
    • Monty’s Liquid and Dry Carbon
    • Bring your soil back to life
    • Cleanest liquid carbon on the market

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  • Humi-Till Crop residue management
    • Corn stalk break down to reduce planting problems
    • Unlocks nutrients in crop residue
    • Apply pre-plant or post-harvest

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  • More Than Manure Nutrient Manager
    • Reduces phosphorous lock-up in soil
    • Reduces nitrogen loss to volatilization, leaching, and denitrification
    • Reduces ammonia levels in confinement buildings
    • Reduces solids in manure pits
    • Proven yield bump to corn crop

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  • Pelletized
  • Solu-Cal
  • Dry lime- bag or bulk
  • Damp lime- delivered direct to your farm
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