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  • high yielding, full season, bearded barley
  • very high test weight
  • very good straw strength
  • bright, plump seed


  • early maturing
  • medium tall
  • smooth head with compact spikes
  • emergence earlier than Thoroughbred


  • high-yield, high test weight
  • moderately early heading
  • short stature
  • no overlapping lateral kernels and short awns

Mid-Atlantic Seeds
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  • cross breed of wheat and rye
  • excellent grain yield and test weight
  • medium tall cultivar that offers good forage and silage yields with great feed qualities
  • great for beef & diary farms
  • good resistance to powdery mildew

Crop Plan
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Local Seeds 
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Mid Atlantic
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  • bag, bulk, or mini-bulk
  • triple cleaned
  • meets Maryland cover crop program standards

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