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Major retailers like Walmart are making a commitment to addressing the environmental footprint of major commodities like corn, wheat, and soybeans are having in their supply chain. Sustainability is in demand and there is opportunity for food companies to meet this demand by improving performance across their grain sourcing areas in a way that reduces their risks and enhances brand recognition. There is little direct interaction between these companies and farmers, and the SUSTAIN platform is way to connect the two ends of the production chain through their local authorized SUSTAIN ag-retailer.

Growers implementing SUSTAIN practices will be recognized by their peers, communities, and major food companies for adding value to the industry. Demonstrating that environmental sustainability is a major component of your agronomic success will be a key component as consumer demand and government regulations begin to require all members of the food chain to document and make commitments regarding agricultural sustainability for our future.

At The Mill, our approach includes using a combination of practices and technologies available to help our growers maintain soil health, improve nutrient use efficiency, and minimize environmental impact. SUSTAIN is a journey of continuous improvement creating transparency and trust for the good of modern agriculture. Invest in your land and future, so talk to your agronomist today to plan the journey for your farm.

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“The SUSTAIN platform allows us to look our neighbor in the eye and say we are doing our part to protect the water and the land” – Ben Hushon

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