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Pasture Seed

Photo taken at Roseda Black Angus Farm, Monkton MD

The Mill, thanks to new and exciting developments in forage research, is introducing new varieties of orchardgrass, festulolium, ryegrass, bluegrass and several clovers.  We stock three pasture mixes, each designed to withstand the grazing pressure of horses and livestock throughout the year.  Our focus has been to find a source of seed genetics that will increase forage quality, forage yield, and longevity.  Many of these new exciting species and varieties are sourced from DLF-USA, the largest seed company in the world.  DLF is performing research in many climates both in and outside the United States.  Please take a look at their website,, for additional information.


One of the primary additions to our forage program is the introduction of new varieties of festulolium and orchardgrass.  We have focused on selecting varieties with high levels of disease resistance and drought tolerance that can be used in both grazing and hay systems to produce high yielding, high quality forage.


Learn more about DLF’s Orchardgrass Trio HERE

Olathe – Early Maturity

Hay production

  • Very suitable, where early cutting is an option
  • Combines well with alfalfa in a 5-6 cut management system

Pasture Mixtures

  • Provides an early forage component
  • Handles grazing very well

Inavale – Medium Maturity 

  • Very suitable for hay production, silage and grazing
  • Broadly adapted
  • Can be included in mixtures anywhere orchardgrass is used
  • It combines well with alfalfa in a 3-5 cut management system

Echelon – Late Maturity

  • Very suitable for hay production, silage and grazing
  • A broadly adapted variety
  • To be included in mixtures anywhere orchardgrass is used
  • Its late maturity guarantees a high forage quality over a longer growing period
  • Provides a more flexible harvest time

When combined with alfalfa

  • high forage quality is maintained from a 2-4 cut management system


  • High Digestibility
  • Good Disease Resistance
  • High Yield Potential
  • Good Winterhardiness
  • Widely Adaptable

For more information about Amba click HERE!


  • Excellent cold tolerance
  • Very good persistency
  • Intermediate heading date
  • Palatable
  • Tough

For more information about Niva click HERE!


Learn more about DLF’s Festulolium HERE! It’s safe for livestock and equine. 



  • Very high yield
  • Intermediate heading, suited for grazing
  • Better feeding value than tall fescue
  • Adapted to dry and wet conditions

Click HERE for more information about Fojtan!


The Mill is offering two “grasshancers,” which are designed to increase the yield of existing pasture and hay fields, while extending its longevity into the winter.

Grasshancer 100W

  • A combination of DLF’s best tetraploid and diploid winter hardy annual ryegrass
  • Can be used to ensure short-term high quality and high yielding winter forage

Grasshancer 300

  • Medium term grass mixture
  • Based on DLF Festulolium varieties with a 3 to 4 year persistency
  • Ideal for maintaining pastures and hay fields with high dry matter production and high feed quality
  • Rapid establishment and high production
  • Boosts dry matter yield of thinned out fields
  • Adds tonnage to a 4-cut alfalfa system
  • Can be used as a new seeding for high producing, high forage quality medium rotation pasture or hay field, or as long term pasture with an overseeding program

N-Hancer is a blend of improved red and white clover in a 75%/25% ratio, formulated for the best results when frost seeded over an existing pasture. The 75%/25% ratio gives you 50/50 red to white clover seed count. N-Hancer is 35% coated and pre-inoculated. The coating serves several purposes:

  • A carrier and protectant for the rhizobia bacteria inoculant
  • Increased seed size and improved ballistics, allowing it to be applied with a traditional fertilizer spreader
  • Improved seed- soil contact for better establishment

Seeding N-Hancer can replace your N-fertilizer applications, saving hundreds of dollars off your fertilizer bill while increasing animal productivity and boosting yield. Grass/clover stands have a higher protein production per acre and improved palatability over grass monoculture, resulting in higher intakes per animal causing improved performance.

Frost seeding is an excellent method to “Grasshance”.  It is quick, leaves no tracks or compaction from equipment in the field and the seed is there when the conditions for germination arrive.  That may be well before you are able to drive in the field to use a drill or slit seeder to plant the seed and thus creating a significant head start.  DLF has formulated Grasshancer mixtures to allow the grass to be frost seeded.  The Frost Seeding Formula consists of a seed coating with fungicide on the grass seed which improves the ballistic properties of the grass seed, to allow for application with a fertilizer spreader.  The fungicide coating improves seed soil contact and protects the seed during the prolonged period of germination and establishment.  The Mill stocks Grasshancer 300 with the fungicide coating.

Research in the UK and Belgium has shown that grassland renewal through grasshancing can increase dry matter production by 16%.  Studies in the U.S. have confirmed dry matter yield incrase from overseeding.

The Mill stocks two Grasshancers from DLF, Grasshancer 100W and Grasshancer 300. If implemented as a management tool, grasshancing with these products every two to three years maintains a high-producing pasture for many years. They also helps with thin stands of pasture, grass hay or legume hay. Grasshancers introduce improved grass varieties to an existing forage crop.

Fescue Blends


Martin 2 Protek®

  • Endophyte tall fescue
  • Combines genetics of Martin 2 forage tall fescue with the enhancement of the Protek® endophyte.
    • Martin 2 is an early-medium forage tall fescue selected for the transition zone
    • Protek® is a novel endophyte (Neotyphodium coenophialum) that does not produce detectable levels of harmful ergot alkaloids such as the toxin ergovaline
  • Tall fescue plants inoculated with Protek® endophyte show increased forage productivity compared to the non-inoculated plants of the same variety
  • Protek® endophyte will defend the inoculated tall fescue plants against insects feeding on the tillers and leaves, resulting in reduced stress from insect damage

Click HERE to learn more about Martin 2 Proteck!


Take Advantage of Other Mill Products and Services

The Mill also has fertilizer, weed control, lime and more available for your pasture or hay field. Remember, late summer and early fall are the perfect time to renovate pastures and plant forage producing crops.  If you are not sure where to start, set up a free consultation with one of our agronomists. For information about these services or any of our products please stop in one of our 6 locations or contact us at 800-993-3300.

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