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Think you have the winning Mill picture?

Send it our way!

The Mill has donated approximately 1350 lime green and grey “fair shirts” in 2017. The tradition began over twenty years ago, with colors changing every year.

Although The Mill’s 2017 T-Shirt Contest Winner has been selected, we’re still on the hunt for photos. If you have a picture with your “Mill project” or someone wearing ANY Mill T-shirt send it our way! The “Mill project” can include working in the garden, using a product (for example : a Grizzly cooler sold by The Mill), showing an animal at the fair, enjoying the food that was canned in Mill jars or any other creative way you can showcase your Mill spirit. Please note, any submitted pictures could be used on The Mill’s Website, Social Media and other Mill advertisements.

How to submit photos:

You must have permission from all people in photograph to submit the picture. Photographs can be emailed to or placed on a flashdrive and dropped off at one of The Mill’s six locations.

Be sure to provide:
Name of the submitter
Contact phone number
Caption for the photo (a sentence or two about what’s going on in the picture)


Does my shirt need to be from this year? No! Your Mill shirt can be any color.

What will these pictures be used for? The pictures will be submitted for the contest. They could also be used on The Mill’s Website, Social Media and other Mill advertisements.

What was the 2017 prize? Our 2017 Mill T-Shirt Photo Contest Winner received a $50 Mill Gift Card. 

Will there be another contest? A new enter-to-win contest will be announced. Keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook Pages.


Let's Play


Play your card right and be entered to win a $50 Mill gift card at any Mill location. Cards must be submitted by February 28th for the drawing!

Submit Pictures for Our Catalog!


Above is an example of a photo that was submitted to The Mill of Hampstead. Brody’s picture is in The Mill’s 2018 Vegetable Catalogue!

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