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All Mill-branded feeds are made in Ionophore – free mills. Our formulas are “fixed,” meaning our ingredient amounts stay the same regardless of market price. They also contain yeast to help with digestion and are designed to be highly palatable.

Choose the best Mill Branded Premium Feed for your horse.  Click the name for detailed information on each Mill Brand Feed:

Mill Performance & Growth14%
Mill 10%
Mill 12%
Mill Senior
Mill Smart Complete
Mill Smart Carb
Mill Competitive Edge
Mill Performance
Hay Helper

We also carry your horse’s favorite premium brands:

Hallway Feeds
Southern States
Triple Crown
Hay & hay products

*You should test your forage and make sure your horse is on a healthy diet.* Contact us for testing.



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We have just what you need to battle the cold winter weather! From de-icers to blankets, our stores are stocked with high quality products. For more information on our products in stock, please call one of our locations.

When it comes to blankets and sheets, we have a variety of weights, colors, styles, and prices to fit every need & budget. Check out this YouTube video for help with measuring your horse for a blanket.

Don’t forget to check with your vet about deworming for tape worms after the first hard-freeze.  We have a couple of dewormers that will kill tapeworms.  We also offer Fecal Egg Testing– contact your closest Mill location for information on their weekly drop off dates.

Here are some of our popular items:

Shampoos & conditioners
“That Blue Stuff” an anti-fungal, antibacterial lotion
Hoof conditioners
Vet wrap bandages- standing wraps, polos, and no-bow/ pillow wraps
Leather & nylon breakaway halters
Grazing muzzles
Whips, crops & bats

Here are some of our popular items:

Feed tubs, pans, water buckets & Rubbermaid stock tanks
Muck buckets, wheel barrows & pitchforks
Brooms & rakes
Sweet PDZ
Fly control
Pelleted bedding
Shavings or sawdust
Trailer ties & cross ties

Vet Wrap
Cotton for wraps
Needles & Syringes

Please visit your local Mill to see what wormers are currently in stock.

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The Mill sells a variety of supplements to help give your horse a boost. Whether you are trying to reduce inflammation, add weight, aid digestion or improve hoof, joint and hair coat.


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We offer hay testing throughout the year to analyze the nutrients that is in your hay. This can help you determine what nutrients your horse is gathering from your hay and what may need to be added in its diet.

We offer fecal egg counting throughout the year. There is also an opportunity to get samples test in-store during the spring and fall, which is discounted. The test will identify if there are worms in your horse and what types. This information will help you select the right wormer!

Michelle Jennings, The Mill’s equine expert, can visit your farm. She can recommend feeds and supplements that best match your horse’s condition.

Pasture Maintenance


The Mill offers a variety of pasture mixes. Click here to view our pasture and forages page.

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