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In-house Classes

The Mill hosts a variety of classes throughout the year at all six locations. From beekeeping to crafting, there is something for everyone.


Bel Air Gardening Class

Chicks Night Out 2017 Airville

Black Horse Bee Class  2/2017

Hereford Bee Class  2/2017

Whiteford Gourd Class 1/2017

Reaching Beyond the Store

Jimmyville Drive


Thank you to our customers who donated!

The Mill is Sponsoring


The Mill proudly supports 4-H, FFA, and other non-profit organizations, local clubs and groups throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. We enjoy taking that extra step to help children with their livestock projects and other exhibits. You can find our staff at county fairs and local parades.

Share Your Ideas

Let us know how we can be a part of your community by emailing or If you have pictures with your Mill t-shirt or with an employee of The Mill, we’d love to share them on our website and social media!

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