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The Mill will help you give your livestock the best care.

We have many different national brands of livestock feed along with our own Mill brands to keep your animals healthy. We also have a variety of options for supplements, medications and feeding equipment. Choose from Mill branded livestock feed or several national and regional brands to feed your dairy or beef cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, and other animals.

Chicks, Keets and Ducklings (available in spring)

Starter, Grower, Finisher, & Maintenance Feeds


Electrolytes, Vitamins & Medications


Poultry Wire

Chicks & Bird Brooding Supplies- egg turners, heat lamps, and more

Waterers and Feeders


Show & Grooming Supplies

Fly Control

Feeding & Watering Equipment

Barn Tools


Electric Fencers




Pest control

Pasture Mixes

Custom Herbicide Application 


Talk to an Expert

Experts Can Assist You with All Your Livestock Endeavors:
Our show feed specialists work closely with youth livestock exhibitors and their families to achieve their goals, whether those goals are to grow their animals to sell at their livestock sale or win the grand prize at their show. Call or Email us and we’ll evaluate your livestock and help you create a winning plan for your projects.

Karen Holloway:
Bel Air Office 410-838-6111; Cell: 443-807-8642; Email:

Dave Holloway:
Cell: 717-515-4147; Email:

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