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The Mill of Kingstown

Introducing the Mill of Kingstown!

We're excited to welcome The Mill of Kingstown!

The Mill Store - Product on the Sales Floor

On January 1, 2019, The Mill added another store to the operation. Chris and Liz Starkey, owners of Kingstown Farm, Home and Garden in Chestertown developed a partnership with The Mill.

By combining the great retail operation at Kingstown with The Mill’s shipping, delivery system and broad product line we have created an ideal store for current and future customers. In 2018 the store sold thousands of annual plants, an opportunity for The Mill to expand its outdoor plant stock.

The Mill of Kingstown will continue to offer quality products and services at reasonable prices and a shopping environment that is relaxing. Most importantly, the knowledgable and courteous staff that everyone grew to love at Kingstown Farm, Home and Garden will continue to serve you.

The Mill of Kingstown - Outside Building
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