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The Mill is your best source for supplies and feed for all your wildlife friends.

Whether you’re feeding the birds, butterflies, squirrels, deer or other critters, The Mill has the products you need. We carry a large and ever-changing selection of feeders, houses and accessories. Seed and suet mixes are formulated to attract a wide range of birds, while the grain mixes are irresistible to the deer and squirrels.


Black Oil Sunflower

Wild Delight Birdseed

Bird’s Luv ‘Em Birdseed

Cracked Corn

Safflower Seed

Live & Dried Mealworms

Thistle Seed

Suet *Weekly Sale Item*

Be sure to compare birdseed prices by the pound!  Many of The Mill’s bags are 50 pounds rather than 40 pounds. The is very typical for our 50 pound bag of black oil sunflower seed.

Hummingbird Nectars & Feeders

Bird Feeders & Houses

Bird Baths & Deicers

 Garden Netting

Animal Repellents

Squirrel Baffles

Live Traps

 Squirrel Feeders

Deer Feeders

Wildlife Blocks

Deer Corn


Deer Blocks & Attractants

The Mill's Wild Bird Dinner

We also want to thank guest speakers Daniel Vitillo,  Scott McDaniel and Mary Murray for sharing their stories with us.

Dan Vitillio: Wedding Doves for Love
Scott & Mary: Susquehannock Wildlife Society
Mary is also a member of the Harford County Bird Club.

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